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Birth YearTeamCoachContact EmailLooking for
2017Twisters 4v4 newStaffcfuchs@awacademy.comHead Coach needed, new team forming, many openings for winter and spring
2016Sweet 16 4v4Mia Tuckermia.tucker514@gmail.comAssistant Coach needed,three players to an existing team
2016Cyclones 4v4 newStaffcfuchs@awacademy.comHead Coach needed, new players, many openings.
2015Wudchips 7v7 newMia Tuckermia.tucker514@gmail.comNew team forming, many openings, needs goal keeper.
2015SWAT 7v7 premier division slysaMia Tucker, Amanda Foutsmia.tucker514@gmail.com1 players as they expand their roster for 7v7
2014Adidas 7v7Tony Kuster, Jim Holmantkustera@hotmail.com1 players as they expand their roster for 7v7
2014Dortmond 7v7 newTony Kuster,Jim Holmantkustera@hotmail.com2 openings
2013Gold13 7v7 newChris Fuchscfuchs@awacademy.commany openings for a new team forming 2024
2013Rangers 9v9Chris Fuchscfuchs@awacademy.comfull
2012Premier 12 9v9Maddy Tague, Chris Fuchsmaddie6@gmail.com2 players needed to a quality D1 level team, needs starting middle defender & forward
2012Girls-N-Blue 9v9 newChris Fuchs & Mattie Taguecfuchs@awacademy.comAssistant Coach needed, new team, has existing players, two openings.
2011Elite 11 11v11Dave Stover dstover23@att.netPremier level team, needs Middle defender & midfielder
2011Blue Devils 11v11Chris Fuchscfuchs@awacademy.comNeeds an assistant coach to help. has existing players, 3 openings, 2 forwards & defender
2010Premier 2010Chris Fuchscfuchs@awacademy.comStarting Goal keeper needed, a good D1/D2 team. Needs a goalkeeper & middle defender.
2009Elite 09 Slysa & MADLChris Fuchs & Chris Sneedcfuchs@awacademy.comChampionship level team, middle defender needed & outside defender
2008Academy Storm 08Dave Stoverdstover23@att.netNational league & premier level team, 1 field level player needed
2008MagicCarl Jung, Bob Benderbbender@bender-inc.comcontact the coach for openings
2008Blue StormJen Haines, Matt Owensekodoyce@swbell.netcontact the coach for openings
2007WildBrian Hamilton 3143782081bhamilton5@att.netkickaround the next 3 Wednesdays starting May 24th from 6-7:30pm at Valley park field#3. 998 Cal Hedrick Way
200607-06 High school age teamChris Fuchscfuchs@awacademy.comcontact the coach for openings, starting goalkeeper needed, June 2024
2005USA SpiritsChris
2013SpiritsChris Fuchscfuchs@awacademy.comNew team forming this spring and fall of 2024


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